Referral product features

Our referral product provides the information our clients really need, and helps the referrals make money in the process. The ease of setup and the smooth transition of information between the referral, the manager of the system and the referrer is the real beauty of our product.

Earn Through Reference

Manage Referral

Earning money on the internet in now easier than ever with Referral Central. Just a count needs to be set up and you are good to go. Just refer a friend or someone you know would be interested and encourage him to find his desired service using our website. As soon as your friend or the person you referred signs up, get your promised share of money.

E-mail Configuration

Manage Referral

Individuals involved in the process will receive notification via e-mail, i.e. the referral, the recipient/referred and the manager.

No Second Login

Manage Referral

Once a user/referrer/referral logs into the system, the system/referral program stores all of his information, and the name of the websites he referred other people to . No second login is necessary from the same user.


Manage Referral
  • To manage all referral
  • See the status of referral
  • Change the status by admin